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Here are our 100% BIO products.
Also, we can offer some in bigger quantities for restaurants, catering, etc. for using in menus meals 100% BIO.

-cereals 5 kg
-vegetables in cans or dried 3-5 kg
-sunflower and extravirgin oil 5-25 l
-pasta 5 kg
-tomatoes in cans 3kg

You can recognize an organic product by the specific information on label, infact it must contain the following ones:
- “From Organic farming”
- “EC control system”
- “Controlled by (name of the Certification Body)”
-    this kind of code: IT CPB 1506 T032678, reading as
IT: Italy code
CPB: Certification Body code (i.e.CCPB)
1506: production firm code (i.e. Bioitalia)
T: for processed product (F for fresh product)
032678: progressive authorization number for labelling process, issued by the Certification Body